The Scientific Method

Scientists referencing "The Scientific Method" makes it sound like that is an absolute end to all debate...I invite you to be open minded enough to examine how that worked out for the Theory of Evolution. To start with, Darwin had some scientific experiments that supported his initial theses for "survival of the fittest" (but openly admitted problems with the theory on the macro level and substantial portions of it unsubstantiated due to lack of applicable scientific means). One hundred and fifty (150) year later we now know that those experiments where within the limitations of genomic algorithms of micro-evolution (at the species level only) that does not extend to macro-evolutionary mechanisms (which have yet to be discovered). So, to date of all Darwin’s theories, macro-evolution (no known m-e mechanism & genomic sciences that conclude overwhelmingly that there is no Darwinian ToL patterns in the genome) , the Uniformitarianism process of the geological strata (modern science has determined most to be the result of Catastrophism), the capitulation theory in embryology (of which modern evolutionary biologists have rejected) and the missing link stratum (non-conformities), from all 11 geological Periods congruent in all cases globally, are still missing (and in a more definite portrait) have been debunked by the modern "Scientific Method" and yet are still held to because the alternative, Creationism, is simple not acceptable. The lesson here is that scientist are just as human as politicians and will conform the sciences to their own presuppositions, just as the politicians do!!!,