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The Author

Author Jeffrey Waillings debunks secular claims with science.

Jeff Walling, the sole author of this book, was born in Chicago, IL in May of 1958. He grew up predominantly in Manassas, VA. He went through his teens in the 70s, the time of the hippies, of which his mom and dad were a part of. There was a period when the home of his upbringing (along with teepees about the place) served as a sort of hippy commune with about 10 to 15 residents coming and going at the time. Jeff also spent much time growing up in Clay County, WV with his grandmother, aunts, and uncles from his mother’s side of the family...

Presenting historical evidence for every major chorological event recorded in the Bible along with lineage to Christ Jesus to support that

THE BIBLE IS THE ONLY ANCIENT Complete Verifiable HISTORICAL RECORD from the beginning of time


Part 1 Creation and Antediluvian Era

    The Scientific Method

  • The absolute end to all debate?
  • How did that work out for the Theory of Evolution?
  • Theories debunked by the modern "Scientific Method"

    The Dynamo Theory vs the 6K year old Freely Decaying Electric Currents

  • The Secular Sciences and the Dynamo Theory (MIT)
  • Seven facts that debunk the Dynamo Theory
  • Dr. Humphreys theory aligns with all the planetary magnetic field sciences
Part 2 Post Flood Ice Age

    The Genome and the Darwinian Tree of Life (ToL)

  • Modern science has veered away from all ToL concepts
  • All Geneticist agree the findings "undermine the ‘Tree of Life’ model of evolution",
  • "many biologists now argue that the tree of life concept is obsolete and needs to be discarded",

    Archaeological Demarcation at the time of the Flood

  • Testimonials from renown archaeologists agree on a definite demarcation
  • Kathryn Kenyon“The end of Bronze Age civilization came with catastrophic completeness”
  • Ernest Wright “the most striking facts about the Early Bronze Age civilization is its destruction”
Part 3 The Supporting Sciences

Theory of Evolution(ToE) vs Biblical Creation Account

  • The weight of the evidence of the ToE compared to the biblical creation model
  • "conditional probability", puts the ToE model at less than 1/2 probability(< 20%), not plausible

Analysis of the COSMOS: A Space Time Odyssey

  • Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Using the scientific method, searchers strictly adhering to a simple set of rules:
  • Tyson refers to the mechanism for the change as a “mutation”
Part 4 Descendants of Ham

    The Table of Nations

  • World Population
  • Major cultures coming out of Babel between 2350 and 2000 BC

    Famous persons of history document encounters with extraordinary beasts

  • Marco Polo (travel period 1271-1291 AD) published a book in 1300 AD
  • Antonio Pigafetta, a sixteenth century Italian explorer
Part 5 Descendants of Jepheth
  • Anglo-Saxton Chronicles
  • Excerpt is from the Nennius History of the Britons (700 AD)
  • Beowulf from the sixth century AD.
Part 6 Descendants of Shem
  • The "chosen people"
  • The physical and spiritual interfacing of God’s activity within his creation
  • Patriarch lineage from Adam to the David