Synopsis of my book “HIS STORY as a Matter of Fact”

The Introduction has the narrative that exemplifies the conflict that Secular Humanism has with Christianity where the humanist's priority to destroy Christianity takes precedence over accepting and critically evaluating empirical evidence in the sciences leaving academia with a pseudo-scientific agenda.

The parts 1 thru 3 of the book I show how the naked facts of historical events and science fit the bible like a glove and where the Secular Humanists will take empirical scientific or historical evidence that actually fits the biblical model “as is” and develop an extraordinary elucidation to make it fit in their evolutionary model. Academic protocol will then stick it in the middle of several segments of facts so that it blends in so that it comes across as fact as well (i.e., the dynamo engine powering planetary magnetospheres, radio carbon dating methods, the Oort Cloud, Fossil records, Micro vs Macro evolution, ect.). This is taught to our children at an early age so that they will not know the difference between fact and fiction thereby acclimating society to a secular cultural world view. I take evidence from several diverse sources (literature, Archeology, Geology, Genomics, ect.) that show a definite Antediluvian culture/environment with a definite demarcation at the time of the global flood congruent across the board in all the different categories of science and history.

I show that the advances in science (the genome, the magnetosphere, geology, ect.) have debunked the theory of evolution for decades. The secular humanist refuses to acknowledge or engage these scientific evidences and therefore they are not being reported in the mainstream media, sciences or academia. For instance, the Geneticists from nearly every independent laboratory have concluded that there is no Darwinian Tree of Life structure to be found in the genome and yet the Richard Dawkins of the world claim just the opposite with no one opposing them from the mainstream scientific community. This is held to because the alternative (creationism) is too repulsive and contrary to the secular humanistic cultural that they are militantly trying to establish.

In Parts 4 & 5 I chronical the birth of the Nations. I intertwine these events with the historical literature from renown historical figures (Marco Polo, Aristotle, Herodotus, Prosper Alpin, El Edrisi, Titus LiviusPatavinus (Livy), Antonio Pigafetta, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Saxo Grammaticus, Ulysses Aldrovandrus , etc.) that tell of epic conflicts with creatures of unknown characteristics in modern day phylum that perfectly fit the descriptions of dinosaurs (many times referred to as dragons) in the various regions and associated cultures the stories originated from.

The last Part concentrates on patterns of historical evidence from multiple extraneous sources that are congruent with every major chronological event recorded in the bible along the Adamic linage to Christ Jesus.