About The Author

Jeff Walling, the sole author of this book, was born in Chicago, IL in May of 1958. He grew up predominantly in Manassas, VA. He went through his teens in the 70s, the time of the hippies, of which his mom and dad were a part of. There was a period when the home of his upbringing (along with teepees about the place) served as a sort of hippy commune with about 10 to 15 residents coming and going at the time. Jeff also spent much time growing up in Clay County, WV with his grandmother, aunts, and uncles from his mother’s side of the family. Jeff joined the Navy out of Beckley, WV in 1978 where he attended Boiler Technician “A” School for propulsion engineering in Chicago, IL and served on the guided missile cruiser “Harry E. Yarnell, CG 17” for four years based out of Norfolk, VA. It was during his time in the Navy he had gotten “saved” and started attending church regularly. Jeff remained in Virginia Beach, VA after he was honorably discharged from the Navy, married, had two children, and attended the Rock Church for the next eight years. During this time, he attended Bible College (the Rock Bible Institute) and earned his certification in Ministerial Training. Over the next thirty years, Jeff attended colleges off and on (TCC, Rice Aviation, Penn Foster College, Kaplan University). Jeff has developed a passion for reading over the past 20 years and is an avid student of biblical studies, science, technology, physics, and history. Today Jeff holds several state and industrial certifications from API, STI, NDE organizations and owns and operates a small engineering business in Chesapeake, VA. Jeff is the author of API Toolbox, a cloud–based engineering software that’s on the market for evaluating the mechanical integrity of industrial assets such as pressure vessels, storage tanks, and piping. Jeff is the Inventor of many items such as the Quantum Sleeper, a thermal powered generator, and other miscellaneous tools (resilient mount mics, tot-a-ray retrieval components, boiler tube puller, pneumatic fiberfax gun, UT ROV, lemon squeezers, etc.). Jeff earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn Foster College 2012 and is presently attending Kaplan University working on his BA in Professional Studies.

Jeff's Testimony

I was in the Navy at the time. We were stationed in Charleston, SC where the ship was in a yearlong overhaul. We originally had orders to go Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for sea trials and then to the Mediterranean (the Med) when the Iranian hostage crisis broke out. I remember the day they announced that our orders had changed, that we were no longer going to the Med but would instead be heading to the Indian Ocean to be on station for the Iranian hostage crisis. I remember thinking how easily the ships in the Falkland Island scrimmage went down with just one torpedo, and that it now looked like we could run into the same circumstances. I remember thinking “I did not join the Navy to fight, I joined for the adventure”. I guess it was the spirit of God pressing on me, because I began to have such anxiety about the prospect of dying in the middle of the ocean that I could not contain it. I thought “I’m 19 years old and could die…what for, what was this life all about?” I was on a midnight cold iron watch one time down in the aft boiler room when the watch from the forward hole came to pass the time. I was so buggered that he said he could not take it and left back to his station. I was so filled with anxiety that I wanted to just run, but could not, because I was bound to my duty station. I finally picked up an iron wrench and started beating on the deck plates as hard as I could.This did nothing for my anxiety, so I threw the tool across the boiler room. I sat down on the edge my chair and cried out, “Somebody help me!” When I did not receive an answer, I then cried out, “God help me!” At that moment, I felt what I can only describe as an invisible cloud (the presence of God) starting to descend upon on me. I could feel what I can only describe as a thermocline between any points at which this “cloud” was descending, the bottom part filled with extreme anxiety and the top with the most incredible peace I had ever known. As it descended and finally engulfed me completely, I sat back in the chair in total peace. I heard Jesus audibly say to me, over my right shoulder, in a whisper “Be at peace, everything is going to be all right”. I intuitively knew it was Jesus. I can’t explain how, I just knew. That was an experience that was forever impressed into my heart and mind. From this time the ship left Charleston, SC to Norfolk where a real revival started on the ship. About ten percent of the ship’s company was converted in a matter of about six months (40ish souls), of which I was one. I was witnessed to by a fellow snipe (boiler tech) that I looked up to.He too had just recently got saved and eventually invited me to Rock Church in Virginia Beach, VA. I remember the feeling I had when I walked in the building– a refreshing, happy feeling. We sat in the upper balcony that April 1979. As I sat there, I prayed to God saying, “God if this right, if this is where I should be and what I should do, please let me know somehow.” At that time, everyone got up to sing, so I stood up. As the singing went along, I just closed my eyes and listened.By and by, that same cloud of peace,thepresence of God, came upon me. I seemed to naturally lift my hands up over my head and remained entranced, standing there listening and enjoying the singing and God’s presence, when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and nobody was standing, much less singing, but I heard the signing all the way up to the moment I opened my eyes. He then said, “Do you want to come with me”, to which I replied,“YES”. He led me to the altar, led me in the sinner’s prayer, and then told me to stay after the service to get baptized. When I got baptized, that same incredible peace came upon me when I came up out of the water. I felt like I was going to keep rising up through the ceiling, I felt so light. Since that time, I have had many similar incredible encounters with Christ as I have ventured to do his will. Between specific prayers being answered to seeing incredible events take place in his name, I no longer believe in God by faith. I know,as a Matter of Fact, that he exists, and he is the God of the Bible, and that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!